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Hi Fordham family! We are excited to share all the exciting events coming up in the community very soon. Don't forget to stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook!

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What is Fordham Forward?

Fordham Forward is a community-centered initiative founded by the Fordham Road District Management Association, Inc., a long-standing non-profit organization dedicated to serving the Fordham Road Business Improvement District (BID), in efforts to bridge community and the future of Fordham.


Origin Story

In 2021, as the impact of Covid-19 continued to undermine every aspect of our district’s well-being and financial health, the Fordham Road BID recognized a need to build bridges and collaborate on priority issues with stakeholders within the Fordham area and outside the BID's boundaries. These stakeholders included property owners, businesses, shoppers, street vendors, and public space users.

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Fordham Road BID awarded 3-year Avenue NYC Grant

The Coalition

Fordham Forward is managed by a coalition of Fordham community stakeholders.

Members of Fordham Forward are groups/ organizations that either represent Fordham community residents or provide services for key Fordham community stakeholders. Along with demonstrating a commitment to the Fordham community, members are asked to participate in Fordham Forward meetings, attend at least one coalition event or program per year, spearhead voting decisions that represent the interests of their organization, and help sustain the coalition’s capacity, involvement, and goals. The coalition will also elevate current and future Bronx resources.

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Fordham community


Residents of and community stakeholders that work in and for: University Heights, Fordham Heights, Fordham Manor, and Belmont.

Coalition members primarily fall into one of the following categories:

  • Business

  • Education (pre-school through high school)

  • Youth-serving Organizations

  • Elder-serving Organizations

  • Faith-Based Organizations

  • Crime Reduction Organizations

  • Tenant Associations

  • Healthcare Institutions

Membership List

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Fanessa de la Rosa, Avenue NYC Program Manager

Our Impact

Especially at this moment, as New York City recovers from the three-year impact of Covid-19, residents and businesses are eager to build safer, healthier, and more prosperous neighborhoods. Fordham Forward has the potential to be a community-centered engine for development in one of the Bronx’s most vital economic, educational, and cultural centers.   

During this pivotal moment for Fordham, the campaign is dedicated to ensuring that Fordham has a voice and stake in envisioning and deciding the future of our community. Our focus is not to reinvent the wheel but rather serve as a platform to:

  • Magnify community stakeholders’ individual and collective efforts to improve the quality of life of the Fordham community

  • Elevate Fordham’s voice in local and citywide decisions

  • Establish a collective vision for the future of the Fordham community


Our Projects

The CDNA report highlighted key challenges and opportunities on Fordham that resulted in the following 5 areas of focus for the improvement of Fordham. The initiative will target the following area of foci and will be further defined by coalition members.

Fordham Forward thanks the following partners for their ongoing support

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